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June 1, 2023

Sunsilk Uses Weather – Triggers To Drive New Promotion Awareness

Brand: Sunsilk

Country: Philippines 

Challenge: How could Sunsilk raise awareness for its product uniquely and remarkably?

Objective: Sunsilk aimed to achieve unparalleled incremental reach for their latest product promotion, seeking to captivate audiences with dynamic creatives that would leave a lasting impression and enhance ad recall.

Solution: The campaign utilized programmatic DOOH on the Moving Audiences ad-tech platform to deliver customized dynamic messages based on weather triggers. By leveraging this approach, the brand was able to display tailored creatives that aligned with the current weather conditions. For instance, on sunny days, the campaign showcased sunny-themed creatives, while rainy weather prompted the display of unique rain-inspired creatives. The seamless integration with Google DV360 allowed for the effortless extension of the brand’s digital video campaign onto physical screens, ensuring a cohesive and impactful advertising experience.

Results: During the 57-day tracking period, the campaign achieved outstanding performance in the 5 selected locations in Manila, Philippines. Impressively, it surpassed the forecasted impressions by an impressive 203% and exceeded the forecasted reach by an exceptional 289%.

Supported by a QMS neuroscience study conducted in Australia in 2021, it was revealed that DOOH campaigns have a significant impact on driving changes in consumer behavior. The study emphasized that dynamic creatives showcased a remarkable 38% higher effectiveness compared to static creatives within just five days. By implementing personalized messaging through dynamic creatives, Sunsilk successfully evoked emotional responses from the target audience, effectively influencing their purchasing decisions in favor of the brand’s latest promotions. These exceptional results demonstrate the power and effectiveness of the campaign’s strategy.


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