Billboard Performance is No longer a Blackbox

Multisensor-based Campaign Tracking for all forms of OOH media

Real Time OOH Campaign Results



Billboard Scoring based on Asset Features


Share of Voice vs Full Day Comparison


Attribution Studies for Any Location

In-Flight Campaign Analysis

2020 has shown that historical trends can no longer be used to guide OOH media decisions when audience movement becomes unpredictable.

The decisions platforms looks at predicted campaign performance and compares against what actually happens when it is live.


Incremental Reach Analysis

More exposure or impressions do not always mean a greater reach. Our Incremental Reach Analysis allows for tracking the incremental reach that each of the billboards is delivering to a campaign. This helps in making renewal decisions on hundred of billboard locations more efficient.


Deeper Audience Insights

While OOH is not a one-to-one channel, it helps to understand audience interest skews for those who were exposed to your ads.

We use a combination of location affinity and digital behaviour insights to group viewers into standard or custom-built segments.

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