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The Outernet Marketing Innovation Group (OMIG)

What is the Outernet:

The Outernet is typically defined as any opportunity to reach their audiences while they are not engaged on the Internet, or in these days, their mobile devices. Outdoor NOW offers advanced technologies which enable programmatic and dynamic campaigns while its data capabilities help advertisers target the right audiences.

What is the Marketing Innovation Group:

The Outernet Marketing Innovation Group, OMIG for short is an elite group that brings together leading marketing brands to share their knowledge, experience and best practices when planning an offline campaign. The group will be given the Moving Walls location media platform to run dynamic and contextualised campaigns and these learnings will be later turned into case studies, white papers and knowledge sessions.

About Tutor

Maureen Profile

Maureen Lim is a senior data analyst of the Moving walls Group, where she specialises in business intelligence, data analytics and project management. She has led numerous regional data initiatives showcasing insights for multiple outdoor post-campaign reports, showcasing campaign progress over time with final implications and future recommendations. Maureen is a supportive and cheerful team player and is always up for increasing her knowledge in the tech landscape.

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We have prepared a series of short and comprehensive materials ranging from video courses, articles, educational materials for you to access for free.


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OOH 101

Executive Summary:

In this video, you will learn the basics about outdoor advertising and will have a general understanding of the types of outdoor advertising. How outdoor advertising has evolved? What trends did we expect to stay or come up over time? What is outdoors current media available for advertising? We will touch on a topic of programmatic and how location data fits into programmatic.

What you'll learn:

  • Equip yourself with the basics and general understanding of what Outdoor Advertising is all about

  • Tap into the basic fundamentals of programmatic advertising

  • Learn some of the most in-trend OOH happenings

About Tutor

Fadzrul leads the internal business strategy of Moving Walls, with intelligence accumulated from helming multiple roles, everything from sales to post-sales operations, contracting and market analysis. He is devoted to education and has some of his earliest contributions include setting up and centralising pre-sales activities, standardising sales collaterals and product pricing structure, improving Request-For-Proposal turnaround time by 80%.

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