Target Moving Audiences

Reach the Right Audiences by Leveraging Movement Insights and Online Behaviour 

Plan for Audiences, Not Just Locations



Multi-Source Signals


Preset or Custom Audiences


Power 3rd Party DSPs and Planners

Built to Address All OOH Site and Campaign Types

OOH targeting has come a long way as location signals can now be mapped back to billboard locations. However, no one source is able to measure audiences across all types of venues.

This is where our multi-sensor solution provides the scale of targeting data across different OOH venues.


Near Real-Time Data Refresh

People movement is becoming more dynamic as trends such as lockdown measures, work-from-home set-ups, and others are on the rise.

OOH targeting data that is monthly or quarterly refreshed cannot account for such trends.


Access Independently

While the targeting data powers our proprietary Moving Audiences Platform, it is industry-endorsed and available via API-access for any third-party planner, DSP, or OOH supply management platform.

This type of access is affordable as it reduces your own data purchasing, processing, and audience creation costs.

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