Track What Matters

Get a Single View of Creatives and Audience Delivery for All OOH Campaigns

What Really Got Delivered?



Scalable Ad-Play Verification


Audiences Planned vs Delivered Metrics


Independent Blockchain-Powered Verification

Real-Time View of Ad Delivery

As the advertiser or agency partner, you get a real-time view of ad play or spots delivery across multiple sites or screens with a comparison with what was actually planned and committed for the campaign.


On-Target Audience Delivery

We believe verification of the ad delivery is just half the story. As the OOH industry moves to audience-based planning and programmatic buying of campaigns, it is also important to verify whether the audience impressions bought were actually delivered.

Our multi-sensor OOH measurement solution provides a view of audience impressions delivered for individual ad plays.


Use Service for External Platforms

Our verification service is independently available for media owners and external demand and supply side platforms to plug into.

We already have the scale to measure any campaign around Southeast Asia and India while partnerships allow us to offer the service in other markets as well.

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