June 6, 2023

Moving Walls and Adsmovil Partner to Launch Automated OOH Advertising across Latin America

In Malaysia, Moving Walls, a global provider of outdoor advertising enterprise software, has forged a significant alliance with Adsmovil, a Media Tech company renowned for offering advertisers an audience-centric platform for programmatic buying across the Hispanic market in various regions including the United States, Latin America, Spain, Portugal, France, and Turkey.

Under this collaboration, Adsmovil OOH, a specialized branch, has introduced an OOH tech solution powered by Moving Walls. This solution encompasses tailored buy-side and supply-side tools, bringing advanced OOH inventory and campaign management capabilities to Latin American markets.

Numerous media agencies, advertisers, and media owners in the region have already begun utilizing the software, which includes an integrated OOH audience measurement solution. The Adsmovil OOH team has deployed the technology across approximately 50 billion monthly impressions available on 45,000 screens in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Peru, with expansion into other markets underway.

According to Statista, OOH budgets in Latin America are projected to increase from $960 million in 2021 to $1.47 billion by 2024. Additionally, eMarketer predicts that Latin America will surpass the global average in digital advertising spending growth, with a rate of 14% compared to the global average of 10.5%.

The World Economic Forum highlights Latin America as the most urbanized region globally, with approximately 80% of its population residing in cities. This demographic presents an attractive opportunity for businesses and brands, with the OOH landscape expanding alongside the proliferation of digital screens in venues such as shopping malls, airports, and residential areas.

Alberto Pardo (“Banano”), Founder and CEO of Adsmovil, emphasized the diverse nature of Latin America’s populations, comprising 32 distinct realities. The decision to partner with Moving Walls was driven by the need to create a tailored solution to address these local nuances.

Srikanth Ramachandran, Founder and Group CEO of Moving Walls, underscored the strategic significance of the partnership in rapidly scaling operations within a new region. He noted that Adsmovil’s position as a leading digital advertising solution provider in Latin America complements the expansion of automated OOH advertising, synergizing with their Connected TV solution, which has been experiencing significant adoption.

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