October 13, 2023

DOOH Platform “MASTRUM” Launches First Phase on 34,000 Screens Across Japan

MASTRUM, the impression-based digital Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising platform jointly launched earlier this year by JR East Marketing & Communications Inc. (jeki) in collaboration with Moving Walls Group, has successfully integrated approximately 34,000 screens as part of its initial phase.

MASTRUM serves as a white-labeled, customized DSP/SSP platform tailored specifically for the Japanese OOH advertising market, powered by Moving Walls, the global provider of OOH enterprise software. Emphasizing the objectives of “visualizing advertising cost-effectiveness” and “automating media transactions,” MASTRUM is positioned to become the largest OOH media platform in Japan, with plans to encompass over 400,000 OOH sites in the future.

The platform aims to broaden its scope across various media formats, including nationwide railroad companies, city halls, and emerging metaverse and digital ad spaces. This strategic expansion presents new and highly efficient advertising opportunities for advertisers across Japan, with further details set to be unveiled at Ad-Tech Tokyo 2023, scheduled for October 19th.

Reflecting on the launch, Srikanth Ramachandran, Founder and Group CEO of Moving Walls, expressed the significance of the partnership with Jeki and the introduction of MASTRUM, a fully measurable and automated solution tailored specifically for the Japanese market. With pilot clients already onboarded and boasting over 30,000 media assets, Ramachandran highlighted the exponential potential of information technology in enhancing OOH media. He anticipates that the platform’s accessibility to over 400,000 advertising faces across Japan will make it the most extensive media option in the country, presenting an exciting opportunity for global advertisers and omnichannel advertising platforms to expand their reach in Japan.For further inquiries regarding this article, please contact mehul@movingwalls.com, and for additional information about MASTRUM, please visit: www.jeki.co.jp/mastrum.

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