Outernet Board

What is Outernet?

The Outernet refers to the physical world that “Moving Audiences” interact with when they are not on The Internet. Physical advertising has been proven to influence audiences to take action when they are online. Facebook's research revealed that Outernet Advertising generally leads to users taking the following digital actions:

46% used a search engine to look up more information

38% visited or posted on a Facebook page

23% posted a Twitter message

25% posted something on Instagram

Formed by key industry stakeholders who are responsible for charting products and internal best practices for emerging media like DOOH, the members of the second edition of The Outernet Board will assess solutions, deliberate, and create Industry Certified Guidelines for Planning, Real Time DOOH Impression Multiplier, and Impact Cost Per Measure (CPM). Association of Advertising & Marketing Singapore (AAMS) is playing the role of an independent regional industry association while Moving Walls will provide the technology and open implementation methods required to set-up the standard for DOOH impressions.

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Why was the Outernet Board set up?

Recognising the need to set standards around OOH, AAMS partnered Moving Walls as the technical enabler to launch an “open” OOH Media platform in Singapore on 30th March 2020.In 2021, we launched The Outernet Marketing Innovation Group (OMIG) to bring together innovative brands to trial emerging OOH technologies and establish best practices for the industry.The result was that 30 brands joined. A host of them ran pilots and published their ideas, results, and learnings from in “The Outernet Playbook” which was released towards the end of 2021 and distributed via leading industry publications.

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