4 Reasons to Always Include DOOH in Your Digital Campaign

As we become more digitally savvy, there’s basically no occasion that we do not require the internet (mobile) placed firmly in our hand to converse, entertain or research.

Online advertising is a busy place and often overcrowded with messages and pop-ups that consumers get lost easily.

A survey published by the industry group Interactive Advertising Bureau:

26% of web users had installed ad blockers on their computers

15% had ad blockers on their phone.

Marketers need to work harder to make their digital campaign more effective and Brands are missing out on a cross-channel strategy that might just work – by adding DOOH to the mix.

Here’s Why:

i. Getting notice, not blocked.

A study shows that 26% of web users had installed ad blockers on their computers and 15% had ad blockers on their phone. Consumers who install ad blockers make it harder for marketers to offer personalised experience.

DOOH is unskippable and completely resilient to the hurdles faced by online advertising, hence integrating these two platforms will create an opportunity to extend your reach, maximising a more precise targeting, without getting blocked.

Moreover, people spend more than 70% of their waking areas outside the home – travelling, shopping, working, eating – Locations where they are more likely to be exposed to physical outdoor advertising.

ii. Associating offline ads with an online call to action

People are always on the move, thus it’s important for marketers to deliver an impactful experience during their campaign that will keep their consumers on top of their mind.

DOOH has the ability to drive online actions through a promo code or call-to-action (CTA) on the OOH media. It’s only natural for people to start searching on their mobile when they saw an interesting outdoor ad. Innovative and impactful billboard creatives are equally important to catch the consumers attention.

Here are a few guidelines to ensuring that your OOH contents hits home and speaks to your audience:

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iii. Standing out with attention-grabbing messages

While an online platform is a great tool to amplify a DOOH campaign, the opposite is just as important as well. A unique and creative outdoor campaign can quickly become an internet sensation, giving the fact that everything is now only a click away. Integrating social media campaign with DOOH boosts brand visibility and assist your brand to stand out from others.

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iv. The Magic of Priming

DOOH works as a powerful bridge to reach primed consumers through a Call-To-Action that will lead them to the online platform – to encourage further engagement.

Priming may not be an exact science. It doesn’t directly link to clicks or downloads. But there is no denying its influence. It is no surprise that even digital-only brands invest in place-based media to put their messages in the real world to aid this priming.

Digital campaigns that include a layer of priming via Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising have shown better results. 

But how this work? What better way to understand this by referring to a scene of movie by Will Smith’s “Focus” – Check it out!

Source: YouTube

OOH remains the only traditional media to continue to see consistent growth. Driven by innovations, digitization and more importantly, by adding programmatic into the equation, it had propelled the decade-old media into new heights. Acting as a multi-channel extender, it can drive online traffic and elevate your digital campaign effectiveness and overall reach – they complement each other.

Studies had shown that when used together as part of the marketing mix, these two channels thrive.

⬆️ Effectiveness of Campaign increase by 31% ⬆️

⬆️ Overall Reach increase by 68% ⬆️

DOOH should always be a part of your digital campaign strategy.

Start Adding a DOOH Strategy into your Digital Campaign

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