Beyond Billboards: Amplifying DOOH for IPL

The 2024 edition of the Indian Premier League has been smashing viewership records and captivating cricket fans across India and around the globe. The fierce batting, electrifying fielding efforts, and nail-biting finishes have been drawing crowds to fill stadiums.

This feverish following has sparked a new tourism trend – IPL tourism. Fans are travelling cross-country and internationally to be part of the electric atmosphere at the grounds hosting IPL matches. From the iconic stadiums of Mumbai and Kolkata to the modern marvels in Bangalore and Hyderabad, cities with IPL venues are experiencing an impressive influx of travelling fans. Despite higher airfares and room rates, hotels and airlines often see a surge in travel during this period. 

IPL transcends from being just a cricket tournament to being a cultural movement that ignites a wanderlust among fans to also soak up the sights and sounds of cities as much as they would of the sport. If IPL tourism wasn’t already a term, it certainly has become this season. 

Brands and agencies are realizing the intrinsic value of cricket tourism and have been capitalizing on this opportunity for years. At Moving Walls, we’ve noticed a surge in interest from brands and agencies to have their messages on a larger-than-life medium. According to the Amex Global Travel Trends 2024  report, 67% of Millennial and Gen-Z respondents are interested in travelling for sporting events in 2024. 

Given the nature and hype of these events, running from IPL-induced tourism to World Cup matches, brands, agencies and even the teams capitalise on out-of-home (OOH) to be their medium of choice.

The Role of Out-of-Home Advertising

Out-of-home advertising plays a crucial role in both sports and tourism by providing a platform for brands to reach their target audiences in a highly engaging and memorable way. Whether it’s through billboards, digital displays, or transit shelters, OOH offers a range of formats that can be tailored to specific campaigns and target audiences.

Amplifying Your Campaign with OOH

When it comes to sports and tourism, OOH can be particularly effective in amplifying your campaign by:

Reaching a wider audience: OOH allows brands to reach a broader audience beyond traditional digital channels, including those who may not be active online or who prefer to consume content offline.

Creating a lasting impression: OOH ads are often more memorable than digital ads, as they are more likely to be noticed and recalled by consumers.

Targeting specific demographics: OOH offers a range of formats that can be targeted to specific demographics, such as age, gender, or interests, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience.

Case Study: Sports and Tourism

To illustrate the effectiveness of OOH in sports and tourism, let’s consider a case study: 

Moving Walls, in collaboration with the International Cricket Council (ICC), used Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) screens globally to amplify the ICC Mens’ T20 World Cup 2022. The campaign leveraged dynamic DOOH media to distribute real-time score updates and thrilling highlights from the tournament.

The campaign involved the participation of 18 media owners across the world who collectively deployed the campaign in an impressive 662 locations globally, utilizing 2,211 screens. The extensive reach and engagement efforts yielded outstanding results, with a total of 2,600,450 ad spots delivered across all screens. What’s more, the team developed a remarkable 149 unique creatives for the campaign, ensuring a diverse and captivating brand experience for the audience throughout the tournament. These real-time highlights were broadcast on thousands of digital billboards across the world, driving visibility, creating awareness, and fostering interest in the sport.

Effectiveness of OOH for Brands and Agencies

Dynamic and Versatile Platform: Out-of-home advertising, especially digital out-of-home (DOOH), offers a dynamic and versatile platform for online travel brands and sporting events to engage with their target audiences effectively

Building Brand Awareness: OOH advertising is an excellent way to build brand awareness, especially for online travel brands, by cutting through the noise of digital ads and creating a lasting impression on travellers

Innovative Messaging: With the rise of DOOH, OOH advertising has become more dynamic and innovative, allowing for targeted and creative messaging that influences consumer behaviour and builds brand awareness

Creative Opportunities: Out-of-home advertising provides a world of creative opportunities to inspire and immerse audiences, engage them, and drive action, making it a powerful tool for brands to connect with consumers in a meaningful way

Impact of Creative: Creativity plays a significant role in campaign performance, delivering a substantial return on investment (ROI) for out-of-home advertising. Utilizing dynamic creative capabilities can lead to a significant increase in buyers and new customers, showcasing the effectiveness of tailored messaging

Tailored Experiences: Dynamic creative allows for tailored experiences for specific audiences by automatically customizing elements within advertising assets, such as product images, taglines, and offers, to create more relevant and targeted messaging

Relevance and Engagement: Dynamic creative enables advertisers to change specific elements based on data inputs, such as nearest store locations, sports scores, weather conditions, day of the week, time of day, countdowns, product promotions, and more, to capture attention and drive engagement with the audience.

OOH advertising offers a unique platform for brands to connect with consumers in a memorable and impactful way, particularly during sports tournaments and tourism campaigns. By leveraging the power of OOH, brands can amplify their campaigns, reach a wider audience, and create lasting impressions on their target audience. Whether you’re promoting a sports event or encouraging tourism, OOH is an effective medium to maximize your brand’s exposure and drive results.

Be it the IPL or any other sporting event, talk to us today about how your brands and clients can maximize the opportunity in this new craze. 

OOH Advertising Has Become Easier to Execute and Measure

With our advanced technology and data-driven approach, OOH advertising has been streamlined, making it easier than ever to execute impactful campaigns and measure their effectiveness.