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Out of Home (OOH) Advertising has always been a powerful tool for reaching a wide audience. Yet, it has been challenging to measure the effectiveness of this advertising medium as it has been hard to track the link between OOH exposure and subsequent purchases. Additionally, the rise of mobile devices has shifted consumer attention away from traditional OOH advertising, leading to low engagement rates and wasted advertising spending.

You’ve invested in traditional OOH advertising campaigns, yet you’re still not seeing the results that you want. It’s frustrating when you don’t have an effective way to measure the effectiveness of your campaign, especially when you consider the high advertising costs involved. Even though you understand that OOH advertising has the potential to produce outstanding results, your advertising spend has not been well-placed, and you want to see measurable results.

Moving Walls’ Omnichannel solves the problem of ineffective OOH advertising by integrating it with mobile and digital channels, extending reach, and improving contextual targeting. By seamlessly integrating mobile devices with OOH advertising, Omnichannel provides a holistic view of the customer journey, enabling advertisers to track user engagement rates and measure ROI effectively.

One of the standout features of Moving Walls’ Omnichannel solutions is the powerful Sequenced OOH and Mobile Targeting feature. It enables advertisers to reinforce OOH messages with follow-up touchpoints across multiple channels, thus increasing engagement rates with potential customers. Take, for instance, a food company that desires to increase foot traffic to its restaurant locations. They could leverage Moving Walls’ platforms by targeting customers within a 200-meter radius of their restaurant locations, reminding them of discounts on the menu via mobile advertising. This sequential messaging strategy helps reinforce the initial OOH message, thus increasing the chances of the customers making purchases.

It also comes with extended frequency capabilities, allowing brands to retarget audiences previously engaged with their past campaigns. As such, advertisers can maintain customer connections and build long-lasting relationships. When combined, these strategies increase customer engagement rates and ultimately lead to more conversions.

Moving Walls also provides insights and analytics that help in decision-making. 

OOH advertising can be incredibly effective if executed strategically. Thanks to Moving Walls’ Omnichannel solutions, advertisers can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns, leading to measurable results. by leveraging Moving Walls’ Omnichannel, brands can reach a more extensive audience, increase engagement rates and conversions, and track it all seamlessly. Gain a holistic view of your advertising campaigns and move your advertising results in the right direction with Moving Walls’ Omnichannel.

OOH Advertising Has Become Easier to Execute and Measure

With our advanced technology and data-driven approach, OOH advertising has been streamlined, making it easier than ever to execute impactful campaigns and measure their effectiveness.