May 16, 2023

Moving Walls to power “MASTRUM” – A Game Changing Platform by jeki to Revolutionize OOH Advertising in Japan

Moving Walls has announced a collaboration with JR East Marketing & Communications Inc. (jeki) to introduce a technology platform designed to automate Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising throughout Japan. The platform, named “MASTRUM,” has been developed by Moving Walls, a global provider of OOH enterprise software, specifically tailored for the Japanese market.

Moving Walls’ technology offers comprehensive automation of all OOH media processes, drawing upon years of expertise in deploying enterprise software on private cloud environments to uphold privacy standards.

MASTRUM functions as an impression-based digital OOH advertising platform, facilitating ad space trading, ad serving, and programmatic DOOH advertising to cater to both domestic and international demands. This initiative aims to streamline the buying process for digital signage and other OOH advertising formats across Japan efficiently. Additionally, Moving Walls has customized jeki’s implementation to incorporate first-party data for planning and assessing effectiveness.

Japan’s OOH advertising market ranks as the world’s third largest in terms of estimated spending. With the launch of MASTRUM, jeki intends to broaden its media scope to include other railways and outdoor media. Moving Walls’ platform encompasses solutions for both the buy side (planning, activation, and campaign measurement) and the supply side (inventory and campaign management) through its subsidiary, Location Media Xchange (LMX).

The concept behind “MASTRUM” draws inspiration from constellations, combining the Latin word “astrum,” meaning “constellation” or “celestial body,” with “Media” or “MarketPlace.” The platform aims to foster diverse forms of communication by linking various media forms to jeki’s media marketplace.

Ryoji Akaishi, President and Representative Director of East Japan Planning Inc., expressed their decision to choose Moving Walls as their technology partner, emphasizing their goal to create a vast marketplace encompassing all types of OOH advertising. Srikanth Ramachandran, founder and group CEO of Moving Walls, expressed pride in being selected as the technology platform for jeki’s ambitious venture, underscoring their commitment to delivering top-tier service through customization and localization efforts.

With the introduction of MASTRUM, jeki aims to revolutionize Japan’s OOH advertising landscape by enhancing efficiency, accountability, and measurability, thereby elevating the value of the domestic OOH market.

OOH Advertising Has Become Easier to Execute and Measure

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