April 4, 2023

Moving Walls runs blockchain-powered DOOH pilot for foodpanda

Aqilliz has partners Moving Walls for the pilot

Moving Walls is conducting a pilot for foodpanda, utilizing blockchain technology in their Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising. Aqilliz, a blockchain solutions provider, has partnered with Moving Walls for this initiative aimed at providing transparency in the global DOOH market, projected to reach a value of US$32.1 billion by 2025. The pilot aims to offer real-time insights into campaign performance, allowing brands to track the delivery of their purchased impressions and advertising spots independently.

Srikanth Ramachandran, Founder and Group CEO of Moving Walls, highlighted the need for independent verification in the OOH industry and sees this campaign as an opportunity to address issues of fragmentation and transparency. Through the use of Zilliqa blockchain, smart contracts will ensure a transparent ledger for verifying the delivery of promised spots and impressions. Zilliqa’s scalability will enable stakeholders to monitor campaign performance almost instantly, improving cost-efficiency across the DOOH media supply chain.

Gowthaman Ragothaman, CEO of Aqilliz, emphasized the potential of blockchain to address existing infrastructural issues in the OOH space, fostering trust between stakeholders and making OOH investments more transparent and accountable.

“The OOH space is already much more fragmented than digital advertising and a lot of work is needed to better optimise and streamline existing infrastructures. This pilot with Moving Walls can help to demonstrate the potential of blockchain as a viable solution to address such issues in the OOH space. As a fully viewable, immutable ledger of transactions, blockchain can foster greater trust between stakeholders, be it media owners, buyers, and solutions providers, effectively repositioning OOH investments as more transparent and accountable.”

Hasnain Babrawala, APAC Head of Marketing, Offline Channels, for foodpanda emphasised the brand’s commitment to accountable media spends: “As we rapidly expand across key global markets, OOH has been a major channel we leverage to consistently stay top-of-mind for our consumer base. As we embark on this campaign, we’re excited to see what benefits blockchain can bring by way of providing a real-time, independent view of OOH ad delivery in order for us to better strategically plan our marketing expenditure.”

foodpanda, a leading mobile food delivery marketplace, has embraced blockchain technology to optimize customer engagement. Hasnain Babrawala, APAC Head of Marketing, Offline Channels, expressed the brand’s commitment to accountable media spends and the importance of a real-time view of OOH ad delivery for strategic marketing planning.

Laura Kantor, Head of Marketing and Sustainability at foodpanda Singapore, highlighted the brand’s innovative approach in maintaining market leadership through digital signage, allowing better verification of digital ad delivery.

The campaign will utilize 2,750 digital displays operated by three different media owners and will be powered by Location Media Xchange (LMX), an independent DOOH media supply-side platform with a regional footprint across Southeast Asia and India.

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